That’a a dude, that’s a gal, hey wait, he can be both, or maybe a new species from planet gayward. NO, its BIEBER. I would like to make a little contribution to the thousands of anti-beiber posts. Frankly, I didn’t give two hoots about this guy before one of my friends made me follow this link. What happened was the exact opposite of the phrase ‘falling in love in the first sight’, as many of you must have felt and as for others, I will pray. So I did watch the whole video and enjoyed the little quiz after that, which I think I wouldn’t have had I not seen it. As you can imagine, if you completed the quiz, that its much more fun once you know about bieber and better still, have heard his few creations. Anyways, what was worse was that he’s considered a teen idol(die you teens, die) and has written an autobiography(which is one thing us humans don’t do until 30 or so). After about three minutes of torture and brainstorming to determine his gender/species/place of origin, I decided to stick to what wiki had told me(ROFL..Canada) and took an oath to filter everything that has bieber attached to it and probably kill some people around who do think of him as an idol.

Time to go back and listen to some good earthly music.

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