Slow and steady

Well, its the second weekend I am working on my android app(my third app on the platform btw)  called Word Cram, which, as the name suggests is something that is supposed to help me(and hopefully others) learn(read cram) words for exams like GRE/GMAT.  What prompted me to try such a thing was the slow pace at which I was going when I started to prepare for GRE in second week of march, and after browsing through the app market for quite some time, I concluded that there were no apps available which suited the specific requirements I had. Some were either too easy, less exhaustive, endless scrollable list of words or simply just a substitute of having a flashcard in your hand. What I required was a more challenging way, which evidently is the best way to learn words, and something in which I can include my comments, make my own sentences and add to the existing word metadata.

So one slow process initiated a long thought process which eventually resulted in another slow process of developing the app and after devoting about 2 weekends on the app, I finally have a skeleton model up and working. Not surprisingly, the actual number of words I did manage to learn in past few weeks is directly proportional to the amount of time I spent working out the architecture and developing the app. This also is not going to change for at least a couple of more weekends and even though my conscience is incessantly bugging me to get on with conventional way of doing this, a minute part of the same conscience just wants me to finish it and is hoping that all that time put into it will be of some avail. Needless to say, the latter one is calling the shots. As for me, I just hope all the slow and (hopefully) steady work is able to get me a decent score.

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