The good, the lame and the lamest.

One other thing to which the viewers were exposed in the recently concluded world cup, apart from brilliant cricket and stupendous individual performances, was  the streak of advertisements in between any sort of breaks.  As is the general opinion, these can sometimes amaze us in the creativity they exude or many a times, can be consummately absurd, ridiculous, irritating or simply lame and one has to watch many of those in a cricket match, especially a world cup. I don’t watch quite a lot of television and whenever I do, I usually have an auxiliary entertainment source with me just for the ad-scenario. This wasn’t the case while watching the word cup and after that I just had to give my opinion on what I thought were the good, the bad, and the lamest of the lot. I would really like any comments/additions/modifications on this.

The good ones first. This was a choice of many, and after reading it on various forums, loads of tweets and realizing it myself, I would put the Spice Mobile ad on top for creativity, presentation and being extremely catchy. Few of us can deny humming it at least once. The theme just sticks to the mind and its difficult to stop singing with it. Plus the product also is something of an innovation and after a bit of survey I found out that except for having a low battery life, the gadget is good buy for the price.  The next one was that of Fevistick. They kept is short and sweet and even if it showed a famous boxer(or his poster) punching a totally moronic looking guy and telling him to use fevistick, all in a hilarious haryanvi accent, I always found it more creative and amusing than most of the counterparts. In fact the ad’s from Fevicol are almost always interesting. Pepsi did an amazing job by getting the players and even the famous Billy Bowden and for becoming the official sponsor of the doosra, slinga, tedhi ungli among others. This was even better when everything was put into traditional Indian context. Personally I loved the Bowden piece. The last ones I found bearable were by Vodafone 3G(though I never did like that zoozoo thing a bit).

Moving on, other than the above mentioned ones I cannot think of any other ad that was worth appreciating. I will very happily skip the numerous average ones and come to the part for which I actually wanted to write this post in the first place. The lame, lamer and lamest category. The order of lameness may differ from person to person here. I have a list of my favorite five and will start from the bottom.

Five: Maaza. I was of the opinion that the bottle Miss Kaif was holding contained marijuana or extacy mixed in it which was making her all hot and in desperate need for…something. Only later did I realize that it was good old maaza she had in there and I do not have to change the channel. I am pretty sure that doing what she was doing does not turn a raw mango ripe and neither does it contain any ingredients which make you do what she was doing, EVEN if its filled in a bottle and mixed with preservatives.  So for her sensuous performance and for the mangoes, this one gets the fifth place.

Four: Karizma ZMR. In the world where most of us live in, no one would mind if a tornado took off with their cap and spared them their life, lest it was the very thing that contained their life. But not Hritik. Even though the cap actually does not contain his life, this dude gets infuriated and offended to the highest extent when the tornado actually does this to him. Now what does he do? What else, get it back from the insouciant tornado which is now going about its daily routine of wrecking and destroying. But not without his primary weapon – the Karizma ZMR. After about 10 seconds of ferocious battle, he manages to get his cap back and the tornado, realizing and accepting its defeat, fades into oblivion, giving way to bright sunlight and a new beginning. The day (or the cap) is saved. Looking at this ad subjectively, one cannot derive a single relation between the presentation and the purpose.

Three: LAVA Mobile. The definition has be established now. If a loserish looking chick gives you condoms when she runs out of change, only by looking at your handset – ONLY then you are a man and the government is considering to include this question with a yes/no option in all the official documents from upcoming year. This separates the men… from the boys, and nothing else. Again, I am still trying to decipher the hidden meaning but I guess there is none and this is just another of those lame attempts to lure a bunch of wannabe buyers. Actually this is one characteristic which is common in the all the top rankers after this. The lameness increases exponentially.

Two: Zoot. Being a htc user myself, this one hurt me deep down and I will never be able to respect the brand as I once did. But I guess the time the Tiwanese realized what hit them, the Indians had already stripped them off their money, and lots of dignity. This ad can only be liked by quintessential wannabes and no one else. The lame part is not some random guy pulling a new word out of thin air, it was the people following it. It was also quite evident that the creators, who apparently wanted to bring in a new lingo, did not even bother to first look google it up. Try that, and after a few sports brands site results, comes the urban dictionary definition of it – a joint. And the word becomes such a fad in one day that it gets included in a dictionary(I am assuming that scrabble requires you to follow a ‘standard’ dictionary). I would love to know which one were these people following. Anyways, this stands apart for utter annoyance I feel through everytime  I even think of this.

One: Brr. There are a few standards one expects out of one of the biggest companies on the planet in terms of marketing their products. Sadly, Coke does not follow them. This one’s absurdity manifested clearly the narrow mindedness, shallow outlook, lack of perspective and total absence of creativity on the part of ‘creativity’ team. I really don’t see ANYTHING interesting or worth paying attention to in people taking a sip of Coke and shaking like they have been jolted with a surge of electricity and frankly, I don’t think I would want to inflict myself with that. And one more thing, taking a funny looking sardar actually does no guarantee that that ad is funny. In this one, he does one thing at least quite well – complete the worthlessness of the ad.

Well, this was my opinion on what I saw and felt after seeing that and since there is nothing one can do to stop people from making the ads and making us watch them, the least we can do it at least bitch about them.



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