Stage one over

After about one month of starting with my WordCram application for android, I finally got the first stage of it up and working. Even though its pretty basic in nature, I am extending it to cater to many functionalities which are absent in already existing applications for the same purpose. Below are a few screenshots. Just a heads up, for your sake, dont give any comments on the presentation of this one, I really don’t care what it looks like and am more interested in knowing what features does one expect out of an app for this purpose.

This is the main menu. Right now it has only one game mode, Alphabetical, which shows the words one by one with five options to select from.

Clicking the one options gets you to this second screen to select the letter. We all start off with A for apple, B for ball and so forth to learn the first letters and words. I thought i might give it a slightly different touch here and hence this screen 🙂


After this, the words a fetched from database and loaded into the list of problems which are shown like this.

The next button shows the next option while the answer shows the answer and moves on with the subsequent word.

So, here it is, my very own app to help me cram(read learn) the words.

Apart from this, I finally managed to get one 64bit os working on my machine. Somehow, most of the 64 bit distros weren’t even installing even though its a 64 bit compu. Fedora 14 worked out just fine, not before giving me a hard time for the thing I have spent the most time on and still waiting to acquire proficiency in – bootloader. Fedora only detected my windows installation and skipped ubuntu. As far as I realise, it was a pretty standard installation and there was no option to select any other os for bootloader and one linux always detects any other distro present, but sadly, this one didnt and hence after about a couple of hours of trial and error with, I got ubuntu up and working and another couple of hours to get the wireless and nvidia card working on fedora. Ubuntu sure does take care of these issues nicely, but not without introducing its own issues in other areas. Anyway, apart from being unable to decipher the bootloader mystery yet another time, the day was well spent with better than usual results.


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