WordCram – Download and try…

So after spending another weekend on this, I am happy to announce the official release of my application for Android(2.2) platform for cramming(read learning) word lists. Currently it has only two features.

  1. Alphabetical – user selects the letter for which words will be shown one at a time with five options. Clicking the wrong one will give the answer.

  1. All Words- shows the complete wordlist but has the option of jumping to any desired letter by pressing menu and clicking GOTO option as shown.

Reset option sets the list back to the start, i.e. letter A.


So thats about it for the time being. I plan to add some more features in this like

– Introducing difficulty levels

– Keeping a score

– Escalating/deescalating the difficulty of words according to correct/incorrect responses

– Associating words with their roots, for which the database already has a table and is related to the table for keeping words.

– and anything interesting I can come up with or am suggested.


So do download the app and give it a try and I await your feedback.

PS: You will need to install EasyInstaller or any other application which will enable you to install apps which don’t come from android market.




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