Few more additions…

Well, as much I had promised to myself that I will not get into meddling around with the app and finally get to actual learning those, there was this one more feature I desperately wanted it to be an almost completed app which will have all the basic functions. That was to mark/unmark the words that one feels are difficult to learn while skimming through the wordlist.

Now as you can see, when you are using ‘All Words’ option, you can long click any word that you find difficult to get right now, and would want to revise later, or if you just want to have a list of all the words which you find difficult. The option will ask you if you want to mark that word as diffcult.

After you have finished editing and saving the words which are giving you more than usual trouble, you just go back to the menu to the marked words option to see all the words you have marked.

Now when you are into the marked words list, then you see all those difficult words which you marked earlier.


And when you are done with this bunch and want to unmark these, again long press any of those, and this will remove this word from this list.


So download and give it a try, and again, any feedbacks are always welcome.





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