Indian Curry

We, the people, never did like to keep it simple and the way things are going, I don’t think we ever will. We have always liked to mix things up, put in a bit of spice, boil, roast, fry and do all sorts of things to eventually make something totally different from its initial appearance, look, feel, smell and anything and everything that made that thing, that thing. Its been a while since my last post, which was related to the then ongoing war against corruption and the act of almost entire educated population of the country backing it. Just a few weeks down the line, the scenario, instead of heading towards a conclusive end, its getting so convoluted that the attention of nation has miraculously shifted suddenly from one point to a multitude of issues with only one thing in common, every issue is against the present government. Not that I am, in any way, against any of the developments taking place but it makes me feel like all these years we have chosen, I repeat ‘chosen’, to shut our eyes and let everything happen silently, steadily and exponentially. I really don’t know how we could’ve acted against it or have done anything about it, but that doesn’t make me excuse myself of this fact, and I am sure many of us know this. Now suddenly, everything is being put into light and we are gasping for breath as scam after scam unveil. It does not end here, the people investigating the scams are from the same group from which they themselves were a few days back.

I started my day by reading scams, and ended it by seeing people discuss about it. From fake pilot training schools to discrimination against own pilots, from 2g scams to the PAC set up to investigate it, to now the people asking to investigate the investigating agency itself and from the involvement of everyone from MP’s from UP(not surprisingly) to the PMO, everything is in itself a scam, then a part of a bigger one, and then merges with a few other scams and, not surprisingly, every scam following the same route. First there was a massive hue and cry to set up a joint committee to find out what happened in 2g case, and now its reduced to nothing but a miniature parliament with 21 or so members, who have to decide who amongst them is the culprit and interestingly, now the decision on what will happen to the report lies with two MP’s from UP. One from Mayawati and other from Mulayam. Way to go. The quintessential example of vicious circle. This does not end here. Since the report names some of the top leaders of the country and it has been found out that PMO and HM were in the loop while all this was happening, these people are (but of course) infuriated and refuting any and every such claim. The party from which Mr Raja came from, has now found to have more members involved in the scam with the CM’s daughter being allegedly involved. Thousands of mile away, Assange claims that wikileaks have records of Indian politician’s money stashed in Swiss banks. Doesn’t it all look like a stage performance, or better, a movie script. The Indian Curry, a never ending political saga of love, hate, betrayal, deceit, backstabbing, unity, enmity, unity in enmity (and vice versa), fraud and shamelessness which works as an alliance only and only for one cause – lie to the very people because and for whom they are there. In their hardest times, they unite and scratch each other’s back while the rest of the times its again unity but in clawing the nation.

I am really curious to know where the current course of events are headed and how our leaders are going to respond to it. Frustrating, it might be everyday to see only this, but one way or the other, a conclusion is always inevitable. The only thing we can do is stay united and not become complacent. Its only our initiative in small ways and proactivity in smallest of matters that can help us out, not the passivity that we have always followed.

PS: I found this site particularly creative. DO contribute your experiences

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