Must Have Android Apps…

I suppose I have used my droid enough to be qualified to post about what I think are the best apps that I have come across and why.

  1. Prey – First things first. You can’t have any apps on your phone if your phone is not with you anymore…right?. This application for mobile devices, your laptop included, helps you to track down your phone and monitor the activities happening from it, even give you the information about a new sim card which is inserted in it and the ability to remotely shut down your phone or give any message you want to the user of the phone. This is considering the fact that the phone has not been reformatted. But we can safely assume that Indian thieves have a long way to go right now before they learn how to root and install a mod in them. So, till the time the OS remains in the state you got it or you had installed in it, you can very well track or maybe recover your phone also. Highly recommended

2. Astro File Manager – Makes your much easier and with a few add-0ns like bluetooth, smb and backup, makes up for a perfect file manager; and obviously, its free.

  1. Dropbox / / Tomdroid– I have 4 machines and there is a lot of data I want to share among these and sometimes make available for public downloads. Dropbox and Box each help to share any and every kind of file between your installations and accessing it on a different machine is as simple as a refresh. Tomdroid is the notes sharing app which syncs your notes with the famous Tomboy notes application available for Linux. I use that a LOT and hence this app for the droid is very helpful for accessing my notes on the go or on a different machine. Though the android version does NOT allow you to modify notes as of now. Nevertheless its a great app and is highly recommended.

  2. WordMate – Yes yes you already have some cool dictionaries already installed which give you overwhelming information about any word, but lets be frank here, its frustrating when that connection of yours isn’t working and the dictionary shows only one word- loading. Personally I hate the idea of having applications out of which data is required immediately, pulling data from web. In a scenario like dictionary, this can be a deciding factor between a great app and a great looking but slow and ok app. I found WordMate better than all similar apps I used.

  3. WikiMobile – Simply the best and most intuitive wikipedia application that there can be. The artices are properly arranged and instead of scrolling in the page, its a more kindle-sort of an interface. Also the loading animation is too amazing.

  4. StumbleUpon / DroidStack – I haven’t found a better way to use any free time I have than to just fly through topics on these two Android ports of the famous web applications. The former one has a wider range of topics and is a better companion when I just want to randomly browse through content of my choice or of a particular genre e.g linux/os/reading etc. Droidstack, on the other hand, has included all the websites of StackOverflow and co. (Stackexchange) and contains all the questions asked, answered, rated, top rated, your answers, your questions, questions you are following and almost every information you would access on the website itself. This is only for the ones who really want to get into random intricate details about things which similar people have come across.

  5. – Free music of your favorite genre anywhere you go. Works even gprs services, and all the better with 3g. Great collection of radio stations and automatically integrates with your application to scrobble the songs.

  6. ConnectBot / AndroidVNC -Viewer – Amazing and the best free ssh client for android. To exploit it fully, you have to root your phone. After that, its console all the way. Way too many things you can do with it. Vnc viewer lets you connect to your system, much like a remote desktop from your phone. Frankly, I found the reverse idea better to have, i.e., to take remote connection of the phone, for which also, there are some applications but you have to have a rooted phone for that purpose on which you can run allow to run a server which will then redirect the i/o to the remote machine. Totally worth it.Go to AndroidVNC-Server for more on that.

  7. Browsers – I really don’t care if you start hating me after I say that Firefox turned out to be a huge disappointment when it came to using browsers on Android. Its HUGE in size for an application for mobile devices, flash does not work and there is nothing I cannot do, faster, in the in-built browser provided by android. Even Opera was a bit heavy. What did work the best, as mentioned is the default browser and Dolphin, which has some amazing features that should be there in a mobile device browser. Try it and you will find out. Firefox, again, a big no- no.

  8. Games – Speedx 3d, Pew Pew, Hangman Classic, WordUp, Unblock Me Free and Memory were a few which have been able to stick to my device for quite a long time for good reasons.

Anything else interesting I find, will make sure to put it up.



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