RIP…maybe not

So finally, the greatest terrorist of our times is dead and buried; although being fed to sharks or any other marine life form isn’t that much of a burial. The president(of US) gave a confident and assuring speech to his nation and the world that his efforts have bore fruit and he is happy to get rid of one big prick, while promising that he will take down others soon enough. The tv channels are full of reports, discussions and speculations as to what led to the eventual demise of the lord of terror and how people standing at ground zero are reacting. In conclusion, after creating a worldwide nuisance for past one decade, blabbering lies after lies, invading nations without proper reason, killing people on the pretense of ‘war on terror’ which included even its own soldiers, the most powerful nation in the world has finally achieved what it started pursuing.

Bin laden may be dead, but how does that change things for any nation in which this so called war was fought. Started off with Iraq, then Afghanistan and finally Pakistan. In all of these countries, things haven’t changes much even after their dictatorship’s and anarchist regimes where supposedly blown out into oblivion. People still live in abject fear and inhumane conditions as they used to live, the only change being that they now have a new tormentor. In a way, one of the biggest losers at the end of this era has been India. We still stand where we were a decade back in terms of dealing with cross border issues when all this while, all that our ‘neighbor’ has been doing is mooching on the financial aid given to it by US to strengthen its forces and use, where else, against us. The reaction of the politicians and other decision makers to the fact that Bin laden was almost living peacefully in Pakistan capital was, not surprisingly, that of utter diplomacy. “This is a despicable act and the world is asking questions”, “We condone it”, “This will be a serious blow to our relations” and the similar statements show that no one here really cares what is going on. Give it ten more days and the talks of peace process, building strong relations, talks, mutual understanding will again start emerging and will go on until the time we are back stabbed again, only to start the vicious cycle again. I don’t remember where I heard this quote, it was during some discussion I was watching; it went like this – lick an Indian and he will kick you, kick him and he will lick you. This sounds so true in so many contexts of our nation, especially our toothless and completely futile foreign policies. Its frustrating to see a powerful nation like ours giving up time and again to a bunch of trigger happy monkeys, who think, not falsely, that its not a big deal to hold our nation at gunpoint and go to any levels of absurdity in making the demands, they will almost always, be accepted.

The question right now is – where does it go from here? Will US withdraw its forces from the area and stop the massive military funding for Pakistan or it will reduce the intensity of the operations but still remain there or anything else. But why do we have to really care about this. Shouldn’t the we be self-centered for once and do what we should and have to without bothering about what the US or Pakistan or any other nation for that matter has to say about it. For once, use the power that we have and give out a strong statement. Don’t let ourselves be projected as meek headed, waiting-to-be-exploited, ‘peaceful’ lot. Peace has its place, and should remain there only.

It really does not make sense to me why we are so obsessed about building relations with people who don’t deserve it and it sickens me everytime I turn on a news channel and see people from both sides in a debate. The conclusion is well known in advance and its always the same. Everyone sticks to their point and points a finger at the other with no consensus on any issue being reached upon. I would rather see politicians see rambling instead of that, at least I have a hope there that something can change.

Anyways I think I have more of this worthless blabbering now that things are just warming up. On a positive note, I get to read more that way 😛

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