Changes and Additions

After noting down the changes and a few changes I wanted to make for past one week, I finally got the time to include those in this version. Still haven’t changed the icon because the designer is quite busy for some time. Anyways, following are the changes I have made.

– The words in the “Alphabetical” mode for which wrong options are selected now get added to the marked word list and can be seen by going to the “Marked Words” option.

– “Scramble List” option available now when viewing the problems. This resets the wordlist for the current letter and also refills the options for each word.

– The options which are shown are now truncated to show only one of the meanings and if wrong option is selected, the complete set is shown.

– A short summary is shown when the user quits the problem. It shows the current letter, total words in the current letter and the number of words which the user has viewed till now.

– The application’s preferable install location has been changed to SD card.

– Orientation of the screen showing the problem is now fixed, being portrait mode.

Download the application here. As always, please give any feedbacks or suggestions for new features.


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