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Yea right, I just didn’t feel like putting up a title on this one and now that I think about it, there actually can be more posts like this. Why the hell do I need to put up a title if all I want to blabber about stuff not leading to any decision, direction or conclusion (Up your’s if you think I am drunk right now 😛 ). So, I got back home on wed from the much anticipated trip, which ended me becoming the victim of this pleasant Indian summer atrocities. Fever everyday after that and when I finally was feeling better on a well spent sunday, I realized a few hours back that it WAS sunday and tomorrow the week (yet another one) begins with the accompanying monotony. Its one week before I start prep for my gre and hence I thought it would be only auspicious to clean up my cluttered desk ( read workstation) which also gave me the much needed enthusiasm and push to make my room walls look somewhat close to my college room’s. Two hours into the work on a saturday night, I finally managed to clean up all the mess and now have Cobain, Morrison and Floyd shining their glory upon me.

Altar of Ghisai So here is a glimpse of the place where the extreme word cramming sessions are going to take place for a couple of months at least and yes ‘this’ is my definition of clean so no comments better be directed towards that.

Sunday morning began earlier than usual and finding myself confused about all the extra time I had, I decided to try on the sudoku, this being my first attempt after an year. That truly did look like that only. Took me about an hour of scribbling and irritation to get through it, the aftermath leaving the rest of the page unreadable. I will not mention which level it was; higher than the first one, of course 😉 .

Had to pass a tempting offer for a good time out because of fever-fear which, after a long time, let me work on the next step for my app. The job was to find the list of word roots and insert them into database. Easy you think? Give it a try, and then come back to me. Few hours, distributed over a wider time range, well spent and the objective was achieved. Have already posted that before this and if anyone of you (i highly doubt) is looking to develop an application that needs a complete wordlist and word root list and meanings then I have done the hard part for you. Feel free to mooch on that :P.

In the intermediate breaks, there was lots of TV and movies. Speaking of which, I must say that it only takes about a week of watching the TV to realize that some of the channels have made up their minds to make the viewers learn and remember every dialogue, scene and even credits of a bunch of movies. You have no idea (maybe you do) how consummately aggravating it is to see the same movie day after day, week after week and it being called a premier and a ‘not to be missed’ opportunity every friggin single time. They even put in on repeat, just in case you weren’t frustrated the first time. And the advertisements are simply never ending and they seem to sync beautifully over the channels. There should be a rule, no, a law for that. Only one channel can show advertisements at any given time. Give the poor viewer a choice who just wants to watch good TV. If he feels like watching an ad, he can wait for the turn of the channel he’s watching or find a channel that is showing one. Win win situation for all. No?. Kill yourself then.

I think I have done enough for the day and its time to doze off. Don’t want to start off with another round of fever tomorrow.


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