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Another day of the weekend well spent…after a very long time. So finally I managed to find the word roots and insert them into my already existing database which till now had all the words of GRE/GMAT wordlist. You can go through the schema of the database in my previous post HERE.

There is a slight modification though in the previous one. The table ‘root_list’ now contains one more column with the name ‘word_root_examples’ which holds some of the examples for the respective word root. Thus the complete structure of the table ‘root_list’ now becomes like this.

Columns:            (1) _id            (2) word_root         (3) word_root_meaning        (4) word_root_examples

Also there are some repeats in the columns word_root_meaning and word_root_examples. This is because I have used the same meaning and examples for the word roots which where given together. For example, if the entry was given in the following format – Root1,Root2 – Meaning, examples

Then in the database, the entries will look like this

_id       |      word_root     | word_root_meaning      | word_root_examples

1           |     Root1                |     Meaning                           | examples

2           |     Root2                |     Meaning                           | examples


This is to provide more freedom to manipulate the roots and also to make things easy for me :P. I guess the groundwork is now complete and I can get back to completing the app and adding more features to it. Btw, if anyone is interested in joining the project, let me know.

Anyway, below is the link to the complete database. Feel free to use it in any way and let me know of any discrepancies.



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