Cramit v1.2

First of all I decided to set the title related to this project in terms of a rough version number I am maintaining, and second, now the app is pretty much close to completion with only one feature remaining now to be added, which is going to consume a lot of my time and surely be a hell lot of help for people actually wanting to use the app for the intended purpose. I will get into that when I finish my first draft of it and include that in the next version.

As far as this version is concerned, there are again some major changes and improvements in the structure, database and the logic of the app. I will list them down and rest you can try and let me know if they work or not 😛

  1. The option to randomize the Alphabetical mode of the word list has been moved to the main screen as one of the startup options for the application as shown in the screenshot on the left here.

  1. The option ‘Reset’ is available in the In Order mode when Menu is pressed. This resets the list to the first word of the corresponding wordlist. While in the Random mode, an additional option called ‘Randomise’ is available which randomises the wordlist corresponding to that letter again. It is basically a reshuffle of all the words.

  2. The statistics page is shown whenever Back button is pressed while going through the wordlist.  This shows the information about the total words in the list,words viewed and words marked wrong in the current session. The screenshot on the right shows the page.

  3. The user can continue to either go through the list which he was using earlier or quit, for which buttons are now available on the statistics page

  4. Each letter in both of the modes of the wordlist (Random and In Order) has an entry in the preferences which is saved each time the user exists viewing the list. This entry saves the index of the word that was last being viewed to make sure that when the use comes back to the same list again later,  the list starts from the same word on which he left it, and not the beginning of the list everytime. User can, obviously, reset the counter anytime by the above mentioned ‘Reset’ option.

  5. The options for a word are now randomised. This means that if any particular word has more than one meanings in the database, then any of those multiple meanings can occur as options for that word.



The download link is given at the bottom of this post. As always, I will be happy to receive feedbacks, recommendations or any inputs from your side.



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