The Conceited Indian

Even if Mr. Amartya Sen would tag us Indian’s as Argumentative one’s, the events unfolded in the country’s political stage that have unfolded in past one week, or for that matter, one month, have made it evident that a certain class of elected representatives not only take their appointed offices as their birthright but also have consummate disregard for the opinion of anyone opposing them, even if it is same electorate that got them there in the first place. These so called ‘leaders’ are conceited, arrogant and literally threaten and scorn on any person or opinion against them. The spokesperson’s of the current Government of India leading all the way in this behavior. Few people who have particularly caught the attention of nation and mine also, who also happen to be senior Congress leaders – Renuka Choudhary, Kapil Sibal and Digvijay Singh. These are the people who have been mostly representing the Government right now and I must say that no one else could have suited the profile more. Though Kapil Sibal has not been appearing in direct discussions on any news channel, his attitude and body language speaks haughtily for him.

‘If the current government can talk to people, then it can also reign in’ was his statement when asked what is the administration going to do about the Ramdev fast, if he doesn’t back out. And true to his word, he (or whoever) carried out the threat, true to the last word. They literally reigned in, thrashed everyone in their path, dispersed a peaceful gathering of over 1 lakh people and flew Ramdev out of the capital and back to square one in a matter of hours. Really, if that’s not the definition of reigning in, I don’t know what is. Had he or his party shown this commitment for the issue the fast was there, they wouldn’t have ended up being in the bad books of almost every educated Indian right now.  The gentleman exudes the confidence and the wile that a former high ranking lawyer should and because of these virtues only, is able to dodge, deflect and even demolish any and every question he choses to. These are, not surprisingly, the only questions that are of any relevance. This is the person who, while having a mile long grin on his face, told the country that he did not think that there was any scam in 2G case. We all now know where that case finally ended. He is the person right now who says that there is long procedure which has to be followed for bringing the illegal money of the country stashed away in foreign land which takes time but simple laughs and brushes aside the question that why they are not doing anything when the German government has already agreed and given a statement and they are ready to give the names of all the Indians who have money in their banks. This, according to him, is something which is being looked into. When asked when can the people expect a reply, again a grin, and a simple reply – ‘you will get the official statement when one is make’. I can’t help but feel like a fool sitting in a front of the TV and watching this man smile. I can’t help but feel that he is looking me straight in the eye and telling me – yes, its at you I am laughing. He and the clique he belongs to, have risen to such a level of self pomposity that, for them, being elected, and being a member of the Govt. actually makes them feel they attained godhood in some way and they are beyond reproach and condemn. Everyone else is being looked down upon as of now – the opposition, civil society activists, anyone who protests and the nation as a whole.

Talking about being pompous brings me to Renuka Choudhary, whom I have mostly seen on Times Now, mostly in debates over various issues. Actually I just finished watching one which she was a part of, and that was one of the reasons that prompted me to write this. Others might only ‘think’ that they posses some divine powers when they get elected, this lady actually ‘knows’ it and is not shy to tell her fellow debater’s that they cannot raise certain questions because they are not a part of that elite group. I am not joking. The reader can watch her debates and  I think one or two would be sufficient because she can’t help but be smugly arrogant about that fact. She has a big grin on her face whenever a non-elected person raises questions and tries to tell her that it is actually possible that some people are more serious about the issue of eradicating corruption than the party she represents is. She tells them that you fight the election in 2014 and then raise this question because we are the people who have been elected by this country and what we are doing is THE best action to take for the same. She never, and let me say this again, NEVER answers any question straight and another question for the original question is her best defense, and offense, for that matter.

Q: What is Govt going to do now that Anna Hazare camp has walked out.

A: Why did they walk out, what was the need, this is not a solution or way to get to solution, they do not know how the process works, this was irresponsible of them and it goes on like this for 2-3 minutes.

Q: You didn’t answer the question.

A. Why are you interrupting me, I am coming to that. It was their fault and it shows the naivety of civil society members and again incessant blabbering goes on for a while before the topic is shifted.

Again I am saying that if the reader does not believe me, just watch one of discussions that she is a part of. It is irritating and sad at the same time to see her smile and laugh away the logical assertions and questions by eminent members of our society like Kiran Bedi who have done more for the country than she ever will and who never gloat about their achievements. The issue at hand is larger than any person, party or group and it should be kept that way and that way only. If you are doing anything, then “show” the people, if you want to do anything, then tell them and make the process transparent. But I  guess that is too unrealistic and impractical to ask for, because our constitution has a process for everything and things should be done exactly according to it. And it is this argument to which the govt has been stuck upon even after almost every sect of the country has shown its unanimous dissatisfaction over the government’s way of handling the issue.

Coming to Mr. Digvijay Singh, who maybe, was roughed up by Ramdev in his previous incarnation and amazingly, was able to remember that in this one, is not letting any opportunity to go to assault the yoga guru while the latter has openly challenged him to prove any of his point about him having illegal money. Money he has, and he is not shy to admit it. The guy charges at yoga camps he holds nationwide and in his ashram. And according to Digvijay Singh, possessing loads of money directly implies being a cheat. Well, that gives us an idea of his mentality. I am not pointing here that I am an avid supporter of Baba Ramdev. I am just making a point that if the government really have something on Ramdev, then why not put him behind bars. Why let him enter the capital, go meet him, try to persuade him and then disrupt his fast, which only brought the nation against them, instead of just apprehending him when he declared his fast or better still, before he even left his ashram. Things couldn’t have ended better for them. But even now when both sides have locked horns, we have not seen any evidences against the baba. On the contrary it was hilarious to see Digvijay Singh make a complete fool out of himself during his interview with Arnab Goswami when he was asked directly as to whey he does not uncover the truth behind baba’s wealth which proves that he is a thug, as he has repeated every single time he has been asked questions about Ramdev. I will not go into the details of the interview, but I really hope he will learn some dodging lessons form his fellow congressman Mr. Sibal before he comes on a stage where he actually has to answer questions rather than just blurt out his whims and fancies. Not that I feel any sorry for him, I think he deserves the to be shamed in public for making the claims which have not been testified by any authority.

I don’t think the drama is going to end anytime soon. On the contrary, more and more realities will unfold in times to come and as was tweeted by someone – This is going to be one of the most eventful year in the history of independent India. I totally agree and hope it is, and only for good.

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