Reminiscence -1

It seems like ages since I put down my ongoing experiences in black and white and hence, as might have been guessed, the title. I am pretty sure that more such entries will follow though, obviously, I do not intend to do so. Keeping a journal/blog, I have realized, is very much like making a new year resolution. The rest, as they say, becomes history. Anyway, I had reasons for keeping away from this, rather reasons that kept me away until today I finished off with with something I had been trying to do for past two days. The task, which was syncing about 150 gigs of music to my new iPod ended up me installing/reinstalling numerous ipod softwares on four systems, and two virtual machines, corrupting one of those, consuming hours and hours at end and finally, eventually but gradually finding one piece of software that does the job on my linux box. I will delve into those details in some other post. It also is quite evident to me that almost all of the readers will be quite wondering as to what can possibly go wrong with such a simple task which many of them perform almost daily. All I will say is right now is that Murphy’s law, is quite a thing.

Moving on, in short, last month went into preparing for gre, and getting a lousy score after that 😛 . The studying was accompanied by  a short trip to Ooty with family, another trip to Banglore and some hanging out. The former trip was great, this being my first family outing after about four years. The place and weather being awesomely scenic and serene. Only the food was below expectations and mostly disappointing. Even the many south indian places we went did not have decent south indian dishes. Again, I could’ve dedicated a whole detailed post on the complete trip had I written it that time.

So it was cooling off time after the exam and hence another trip was required, which led me and three of my friends to Bandipur Tiger Reserve last weekend. The trip was totally unplanned and due to vicissitudes of weather, we ended up having an long road trip rather than camping. Everything was great, apart from the fact that we didn’t see any tigers. We did end up seeing an intimidating turkey, wild boars, deer herds,  wild elephants, seemingly stoned bison’s, a mongoose, wild dog/jackal/fox and to conclude the trip, one dancing  peacock. While I have seen a peacock many a times, this was the first incident where I saw it fully spread its feathers and doing a raindance. Obviously, there were peahen’s around 😉

Am back to my place now and have started working on a few things, which I will be putting up shortly. Have already put my QOTD project on google code. Will be first making it more workable and refactor the code and put the Cramit app on the same after it. All the documentation will follow. Time to pick up a new project. Hope to get the comments and feedbacks on the same.

Finally, I have to say it feels much better writing and sharing stuff and as always, there is no harm in saying that I will try to keep this activity more frequent.


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