Time (mis)management

By the end of this weekend, one questions looms morbidly over my sorry mental state. Will I ever be able to make a schedule or time sheet that I will be able to adhere to, or is the whole concept of proper time management immensely overrated and it eventually comes down to how less one can mis-manage their time. After having tried time and again to set a routine and following it, I have, for myself, come to terms with the fact that I am not comfortable with defining everything by a deadline. There surely the professional commitments that I, obviously, try my best to deliver on or  before the deadline but here I am talking about jotting down the whole schedule, lets say, for a week which includes everything from the time to be spent in morning workout, breakfast, work schedule, pursuing hobby to the time spent with friends and family. Even after figuring out a schedule that encompassed everything I had on the agenda, at least on paper, I couldn’t follow it for certain of things.

For example, I couldn’t ‘fix’ a time at which I had to read a novel, play guitar or watch another episode of BBT. These were a few things that I did whenever I wanted them and not by allocating a specific time to them. But this directly conflicted with the time I had alloted for some other activities which were important like, working on my app or studying for an interview. One thing that has to be kept in mind here is that all these activities are scheduled in the supposed free time I have – after office hours, weekends and holidays. Even though reading a novel might not, at first, seem as important as studying for an interview, it surely is one of my ways to relax and recover from daily stress. The next logical thing that can be said at this point of time to simply swap the timing. Time spent on doing something which is not supposed to be done at that time should be recovered by doing the the thing that was supposed to be done at that time at the time at which the thing which is being done was supposed to be done. Agreed. The only issue that then arises is that due to the reshuffling of the schedule mostly leads to a time table somewhat difficult to follow. For example, if a gym session is scheduled in evening and I feel like sleeping for a bit because of long day in office, I cannot go running at 12 in night even though I have time (this has happened a lot).

One other thing that happens a lot is overflow i.e. time spent on doing one activity exceeding its limit. Sometimes this is mandatory, as in the case of hanging out and sometimes out of choice, as in the case of watching more episodes of your favorite sitcom. This can be stopped, but I don’t think completely. For me, many a times, its about doing one single thing I like whole day long and sadly, I cannot put a pin on that day.  Naturally, this ends up messing the entire schedule. It then comes down to the trade-off one has to make regarding what and what-not to do.

Anyway, I don’t think I will come up with anything which I will be able to strictly work with and the only option right now I see is to just classify what can be put into the category of schedule-able or non-schedule-able. Then I can work on the things I actually can schedule and try the things in other category not to mess with the former. Internal scheduling can be adjusted. There are too many variables to adjust and too many probabilities to consider. I think its just another one of those things that are and never were meant to be perfect.

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