Reminiscence – 2

The title itself should give you an idea that the only change happening on this site for almost 2 months now is updates going on in twitter and section. Right now I feel like writing about a dozen posts and when I did sit down to write, I had one particular thing in mind, but I figured it was better to make this post as the next-in-series of the reminiscence’s.

So its been quite-some-busy last two months with events after events happening- mostly, all good. Went for a long vacation, saw the first Indian F1 GP, released the new version of my app, bagged a new job, shifted to a new place and finally moved in an awesome place. All that took the time I used to spend adding content here and scouring for more content to experiment with and THEN add it here. Guess that’s expected when there is so much on the plate. There are many stories to share and experiences to narrate that will follow. Specially in the tech section, you can expect a LOT of posts in the week to come. Yes, that’s due to me working on something totally different from what I was doing previously and also because I think its an emerging technology with not so many tutorials that go beyond the ‘hello world’ examples.

Lots in store. Catch you later.

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