Hosting woes end

So, it was about an year ago I started having problems with my hosting provider. The first one was Znet( . The problems were (biggest) long load times, frequent “maintenance” shutdowns  and other accessibility issues. After living with this for some time I decided to move to a different host and this time chose Brainpulse( The primary reason for choosing these was location preferences. Brainpulse hosting was going good for a while before their screwed up (and completely lost) tech and customer support managed to make sure this site was down for about a week. I can safely say the tech support was totally incapable of handling a simple issues like redirections and renaming. Guess it became too complicated for them.

Now since I already had a couple of test services running on an aws instance, I finally decided to handle this myself and after a night of successful configurations, renaming and redirection settings, this blog has finally been shifted to an aws instance.

Things should behave well now and i’m more than happy to know I won’t need to spend hours and hours on explaining my problems to clueless customer support guys.

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