A day out in Seattle

After a long, tiring and extremely eventful week, I decided to spend a day to explore the more tourist-y places in Seattle. The destination in mind was downtown Seattle with a stopover for breakfast.

So it was about 10.30 I reached at Glo’s Cafe(http://gloscafe.com/) for my third visit there. Its a quaint little place near the intersection of Olive St and Denny Wy. One think to keep in mind before going there on Saturday or Sunday mornings is the wait. I knew this but kindof underestimated it this time. I finally got a place at around 12 and was literally starving at that point and on the verge of hogging at the starbucks just opposite to Glo’s. Anyway, I fought the urge and was aptly rewarded in the end. This time it was scrambled eggs with bacon and like last couple of times, the experience was amazing. Highly recommended for everyone. The wait is totally worth it and if you come a bit late, you’ll probably get the seats very quickly.

Moving on, I then boarded the bus for downtown and was there in about 15 minutes. First objective was to buy a backpack and I had a place in mind to go to. After a successful search for a backpack and a flask, I then headed towards the much talked about Pike place market. I have to admit, it was better than what I expected and much much more than just a market for local farmers and artists. The place was very alive with activity, musicians playing all around the place, people throwing fish across the shop stall(yes, thats one of the tourist highlights), amazing local art collection and not to mention, a LONG line outside the starbucks. I mention this because this particular starbucks is the first one of them all its good to check out ‘have coffee at the very first starbucks’ off your to-do list.

Spent a lot of time here doing some souvenir shopping and then wandered for some to a small park nearby. Finally took one more walk through the market on my way back roamed around the city for a while and then took the bus back.

It was nice to take some time off and see this amazing city. I have a lot of places I still plan to visit, especially the EMP museum and the space needle. Hopefully will get some time off before the trip ends. 🙂

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