Bangalore, week one

No, I don’t plan to write a post like the every week. Its now one week since I arrived in Bangalore, which was imminent considering my profession. This is the first time I will be living in south of India and being a north Indian, this is a big change for me in terms of lots of things. I want to list down a list of pros and cons that I’ve observed in my short duration here.


– Traffic: you can actually Google it and read about endless rants on traffic in Bangalore. Its horrible, its way beyond horrible, its just downright pathetic. The place(s) I’ve been fortunate to live in have had at least wide roads and THEN a lot of traffic on them. And if you can avoid certain short windows of time each day, your life remains peaceful. There is no such thing as a ‘wide’ road here, its like the entire city is a maze of small to medium sized streets which overflow with traffic all the time. Google maps turns bloody red on most of the streets and orange-ish on others. Anyway, being a person who enjoys driving, this is going to be a difficult thing to get through.

– Street food: Obviously, it will be all local and I don’t like to stick to south Indian diet continuously for more than a couple of days. Its been 7 days now with at least one of my meals being an idli or a dosa each day(different varieties sometimes). I’m starting to really miss the roadside stall with steaming food at 2 in night.

– Autos: Somehow I only managed to find two auto’s in a duration of 7 days who would only ask for the meter fare. Every other one had some logic or the other for asking 10,20 or 1.5times the meter fare. These included the likes of “sir, its night already”(at 8pm), “too far”, “have to return empty”, “I’m only asking for 20 more bucks, its usually 30” and so on. And this is when the fares here are the highest I’ve ever paid for an auto rickshaw. EVER. Its way better to take a cab if its after 8 and the distance is not too short.

– Language: This was pretty much expected but some of the incidents have been just way too frustrating. I really didn’t expect this to happen with the hotel staff(no, its not a shitty hotel) and at some of the restaurants I went to. There were times the waiter would just look at me as I was trying to explain something to him and then utter questioning “huh” after  I’m done. Will learn some commonly-used-kannada words/phrases to help me out there.

– Night life: Say what? Apparently everything here closes by 10.30pm to 11. And when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING. No coffee shops, restaurants, bars, shops, hotels; every single this. So if you’re feeling hungry at midnight, you better have a family pack of Maggie in your kitchen and the only parties you should go to are the house parties which are the only events that can have enough alcohol to last the night. I say goodbye to late-nights-at-pubs now.

– Weather(in winters): There, I said it. I DONT like Bangalore weather(in winters 😛 ). I mean its January and I expect some sort of winter. I’ve been used to snuggling inside two(or three) blankets at this time of year, with a heater on, sipping tea/coffee and enjoying watching a movie(or two). I land here from Delhi(on a day which recorded the lowest temperature there in last 10 years) and the air feels like a blower in my face. Winters should be like winters and I will stand by this no matter what.


– Weather(in summers): Now, being a hypocrite here, I’m absolutely fine with having summers that aren’t like summers. I have no love what-so-ever for a north India summer, where the temperatures cross 40 very quickly after April. And if I believe what’s told to me, this wont be a problem here. “That’s why people move to Bangalore”, I was told many times. Yet to experience that though

– Techies: When I say techies I mean most of my friends, batchmates, seniors and juniors from college. Makes it easier to find like minded folks, go to tech meetups and attend tech events which happen more frequently here than the rest of the country combined and multiplied by a factor of 2(just a random number, but you get the point). Looking forward to all that here.

– Live Performances: This is again a place where a lot of live performances happen. Finally instead of hearing my friends blabber about the xyz show they attended which blew their minds off, I can be the part of same group and irritate some guy who unfortunate enough to miss this.

– House and rents: I found looking for a place to stay in Bangalore way better experience than in Gurgaon. Online forums like Sulekha and Quikr have lots of posts and are frequently updated. The terms are pretty standard and negotiations conclude quickly. Rents also are pretty decent as compared to Gurgaon, although the security deposit is off the charts.

I guess this concludes my list of experiences in this city. Right now the list of con’s seem to be longer but I’m pretty sure there might be things I’ll figure out as I go along that will change my opinion.

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