Ride to Anchetty

I was craving a good bike ride for a week and looked over a whole bunch of places which ended up getting into the ‘list’ but it was hard to shortlist on one thing to do this weekend. I had to be somewhere, that was for sure. So while scouring old posts on a biking forum, I came across the following ride which was around 200KM with some nice roads through forests and villages. There was no ‘destination’ as such and this was supposed to be more of casual, short ride for the sake of it.

Anyway, I didn’t plan it properly and by that I mean I did a complete night out and still decided to go with it in morning, at around 4.30 AM. Since me and my flatmates were all up, I had some tea with them and left(really, really bad idea doing this without any sleep). So I was hoping that sun would be up just as I hit the highway but thanks to overcast sky, I actually completed the 50 odd kms of the highway before there was any light. There was a lot of google-maps lookup going on because of so many diverging roads and since I prefer not keeping the phone in my pocket while on the bike, this was pretty annoying. Anyway, the road got less crowded as I moved closer to Anchetty. Also, the villages started looking like actual Indian villages as the ride progressed on. By that I mean small huts, people(usually ladies) carrying water pitchers on their heads,  lots of farms, children playing around the road, elders gathered at the tea-shop enjoying gossip/newspaper, lots of cows suddenly appearing on the road and a bunch of roosters jumping about. And yes, zero mobile network scenarios becoming more frequent.  I had to take a wild guess a couple of times on deciding which road to take but luckily, both the times it turned out to be the right choice. For some reason, there was a LOT of staring around when I was crossing the smaller villages. It was a tad bit scary realizing everyone has just stopped doing whatever they were and just staring at a guy on a bike. It did made me uncomfortable and, consequently, I skipped taking a break at these places. My lack of sleep hit me when I crossed the 120KM mark and it was not a good feeling at that time. I desperately wanted strong coffee and some food and this was the point of journey where I had to cross a long stretch of forest. Not having any choice but to ride on, I slowed down the pace to about 50kmph and took frequent water-and-stretching breaks. It did work as in I didn’t doze off and topple off a cliff or run into a tree. Once forest was over, took breaks at two coffee shops which helped me recover some of my senses but I still played safe and didn’t push the speed limit too much as almost the entire highway is a two lane one with loads of trucks. Once on the NICE road, I touched 100kmph to hasten the return back home. So, in about 5 hours and with odometer reading of 210KM , i was able to make it back in single piece. Below are some of the pics. I just stopped clicking once that sleep-deprivation period started.

Note to self(and others): Take a good night sleep before embarking on any road trip 🙂

















Until the next trip…

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