Ride to Krishnagiri Dam

Taking lessons from my previous experience and reading up a bit about to-do-and-donts before embarking upon any bike rides, I prepared myself for this one. Although it was still a small one(210 Kms) but I wanted to be as prepared as I could. So the day before, I got some spares like accelerator and clutch cables and an extra tube. Also added to the inventory was a first-aid box and some clothing that makes sitting for a long periods of time on a bike much much comfortable. Most importantly, I got some amount of sleep the previous night. Got up 4.30 AM sharp and was on road by 5. Here’s the route map:

Now, some things are just too good to be true and I forgot one tiny thing while doing all the preparations and feeling good about time. I didn’t hit the petrol bunk the day before and the bike was running on reserve already. Now one might think that a highway should present a lot of opportunities to fill up your vehicle but this is something I’ve found very strange in south-Indian roads. ALL the petrol stations for next 40 KM (around 10 or so) were closed and by the end I was shit scared about running out in the middle of the highway. I’ve dragged this bike earlier and that very day decided that I would do ANYTHING to not end up in the same situation again. But luck(and time) was on my side and I found one station open at about halfway mark at which, obviously, I topped up completely. With a huge sigh of relief and after gulping down half a litre of water, I proceeded. The ride now started to feel more comfortable and as the trucks began to fade away, the six lane highway became more or less empty on most of the stretches. The road is too good, especially after crossing the town of Hosur where then it crosses small hills, winds up and down and goes through small stretches of forests. Now I wanted breakfast real bad and was looking for some good south-Indian restaurant but after a while two things happened at once. My patience ran out and a Mc Donalds outlet presented itself just by the road. 5 minutes later I was gulping down coffee and munching on some breakfast-burger. Met a couple of guys here heading to Pondicherry on their bikes. After a small chat about gear and roads and some random stuff, we were on our way. I reached my destination at around 9. The place was between the hills and had a big park with the dam embankment on one side. Roamed around there for an hour or so and then started the journey back via different route which went through the villages. This was a much pleasant ride with no traffic and just the lush green farms and mountains. And yes, the sky was overcast the entire way so that was an added bonus. Took a short break on the way back and got into a conversation at the tea stall with the owner and some local people about random stuff. That took about half and hour. Eventually was at home by 12 PM. Could’ve completed this much faster but whats the point. Adding the pics below.











All in all, a nice place for a day’s outing from Bangalore either solo or with a group. I think now I’ve had just enough of the short rides and would really like to hit the 500KM mark next time.  🙂

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