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As one of my new year’s resolution, I wanted to reduce the clutter I have in my life to make sure I only spend time on things I really want. To take this a step further, I have resolved to get rid of anything that is a waste of time.

One of the things that have been bothering me since a long time was my website and its escalating maintenance costs both in terms of time and money. I was not posting much content and AWS was always “politely” reminding me to pay up monthly bills for my ec2 instance. This was a big cleanup but yesterday night was when I could postpone it no further.

I had already purchased the current domain a few months back. I wanted to shorten the name so stuck me just “.me” this time from “co.in”.  This meant I had one less thing to take care of this time.

Step 1 Let someone else do the dirty work. The reason I set up the previous website on AWS was that I wanted to learn how to bring up a box from scratch, set up multiple websites on a single box, use nginx, configure reverse-proxy and play with ‘production’ like environment. Since I can now do that in my sleep, I offloaded this to Bluehost. It took some research to figure out which hosting to move to and these guys are supposed to have good reputation at what they do, so it was an easy call. Cost wise, this is about 110 of what I would be paying AWS so I can’t be happier

Step 2 Migrate. This was a tough one and took the most time. Migrating a wordpress site around is not easy. It is supposed to be as it has a bunch of export/import tools available. The tools actually do a good job of migrating the content but the layout gets messed up even if you’re using the same theme. Anyway, after a couple of hours, the website looked the same and THEN I felt a strong urge to change the theme. I was itching to get a simpler theme with dead simple navigation. So another hour spent in searching for a theme that fit the requirement and I decided on the current theme called ‘typefocus’ by Ajay Divakaran.

Step 3 Plugins. Some of the basic plugins were required here like github tags, social media plugins, wordpress jetpack and disqus commenting. This took about an hour to set up because I had forgotten all the passwords and had to reset all of them and change the plugin settings.

Step 4 Shutdown. Last step was shutting down the nginx server to bring down devashish.co.in . I’m planning to take down the ec2 instance after a month to after making sure everything works correctly on this site. Also, route 53 will be taken down but that will also bring down the mail service set up with devashish.co.in so the month will give me some time to think about whether to keep it or not.

Step 5 Services Cleanup. This was a HUGE pain for me in last few years. I had signed up for a lot of services using my @devashish.co.in email address including AWS. I had to take all of them off the domain before I can take down route 53. So painfully, one service at a time, I set up all of them with one email address which is on gmail. Protip: Never use any system you’re just testing out to do any important work.

The job is complete now, the new domain is up and I can sleep in peace now. Feel free to provide any feedback on the new look.

Edit: I finally decided to revert to the original theme, as many features were missing from the updated one.

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