A New Beginning

I keep getting these moments, rather phases, where I feel like “remodelling” or “restructring” my life and stuff around me. Most of these phases usually go away with a bit of out-of-routine activities like hiking, extensive sleeping, cooking or cleaning up. Sometimes they dont and I end up with this profound feeling of changing something big around me. For me, that means devoting a LOT of time to a cause and see it through the end. So here I was, pondering over the next big task to undertake and lo and behold, it stuck me: why not give the blog a new look. I can do so much cool stuff with it, even though I dont write as much. Its the activity of tinkering with new tech stuff that’s more exciting for me. Blogging pace, I’ve realized, is going to stay the same. I’ve been using Wordpress for about 3 years now, and have tried using Medium, Tumblr, Ghost, Jekyll and Bootstrap Jekyll for writing my blogs. Writing in markdown syntax appealed to me at one point of time and then I got attracted to bells and whistles of Wordpress; plugins, themes, integrated analytics, dashboards, spellchecks, missile launch panels and what not. Well, that didn’t last long and I was getting fed up with how slow and huge that tool is for a simple activity like blogging. Also, my love for vim and appreciation of writing almost everything in vim were(and are) constantly on the rise. I eventually reached the tipping point when I saw my friend Karan, moved his blogging platform from Medium to Hugo. I looked it up and decided in first 10 seconds that this was it. After procrastinating for a couple of weeks, I finally decided to take the leap and 3 days reading documentation, migrating posts, photos, maps and soul searching, am finally writing this on my faviorite editor. And since github is hosting this, I can finally cut down on my hosting costs to absolutely nothing.

Hugo was born out of the author’s frustration with existing platforms, more specifically, the static site generators. I love it when an individual decides to say “f*** it” to the everything everyone considers as “standards” and march out to set their own. The community has responded to Hugo very positively, which is evident from the number of themes it has and discussions users are having around improving it further.

I thank Steve for making such a huge effort for building this.

Happy blogging !!!

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