A techie, both at heart and by profession. Techstars alum. I’ve worked exclusively with startups in my career. This has helped me develop a deep, functional knowledge, of processes, people, priorities and team dynamics of well run organizations. I believe that for any company to survive, and thrive, in today’s time and age, it must leverage the power of software. One of famous quotes that I live by is,

Software is eating the world - Marc Andreessen

I’ve primarily worked as a backend and Ops engineer, from the very first job till my current one. I picked up additional responsibilities as and when these were required like infrastructure management, automation, architecture designs, creating or updating processes and hiring. I’ve spent a lot of time in last five years on building and aggressively iterating on the DevOps processes to make them more transparent, optimized, error free and modular for Shippable as well as its customers.

I spend a lot of time Github (@ric03uec), HN and lately, Reddit (@ric03uec).


I try to be into the mountains as much as possible. I’ve done multiple short and long treks in Indian Himalayas and the Pacific North-West Region. There’s a long list that I hope to check off completely some day. My personal best till date is summiting a peak at 20,100 ft. Hoping to top that soon.


This is one thing I admit to have started pretty late in my life. But now any open slots in my calendar are quickly filled up with trips to explore new places. These could be a few hours ride or might take a few days to get to. I look forward to interacting with fellow travellers and locals to learn new cultures and get recommendations for food, travel and next set of experiences to embark on.


The books I read are mostly based on my mood, recommendations, and mostly a combination of both. The topics can range from philosophy, fiction, biographies, economics, history, technology, poems and at times, self help.


  • Sports: Tennis, Running and occasional Yoga sessions.
  • Writing: I blog about my travels, technology and thoughts that are compelling enough for me to write them down.
  • Motorcycles: Have a weakness for models with classic make. Big fan of RE and Triumph. I ride whenever I can, mostly solo. Wish to tour all motorcyclable continents some day.
  • xkcd: probably the best comic, ever. Love the sarcasm, wit and humor.


  • All views expressed on this site are my own and do not represent the opinions of my employers or any other organization.
  • All images © 2011-2018 Devashish Meena.
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