Medellin, Colombia

We decided to conclude our trip in Medellin to get a taste of one of most cosmopolitan cities in Colombia. Due to lack of time, we didn’t plan a stop in Cali this time, but that’s something we’ll definitely be back for. Especially after we witnessed the people from respective cities trying to one-up each other to prove which one is better. We noticed this divide across all our conversations with Colombians. Medellin is a bit far from the airport but the drive to the city is extremely scenic. Winding roads through lush mountains interspersed with farms lead to the city which emerges gradually as you drive down the valley. Medellin is a well planned city which becomes quickly evident by the well laid housing blocks, wide roads, metro lines, cable cars and bus services, all well connected to each other. We reached our destination in a couple of hours with nothing much on the agenda. Since we had a couple of days to spend here, we decided to do a day trip to Gutape and explore the city in the remaining time. Night life here is supposed to be one of the best in the country. Fortunately, our hostel was in the heart of club district which was an added advantage. We walked down to Botero Plaza and had a filling lunch, Colombian style, at the much recommended and famous Hacienda Restaurant. To get some panoramic views of the city we hopped on the cable car to get atop one of the terminal stations on mountain top. Later, we headed back to the city for a trip to the museum at Nutibara Hill. The museum is dedicated to Medellin’s architectural history, background and design philosophies. It shows how well all the aspects of developing a modern city needs to be thought through, especially when it is situated in a difficult terrain as this. The hill also provides a good view of the sunset with the city in background because of which it becomes a flocking spot for the locals and photography enthusiasts. In hindsight, I think we managed to pack in a lot of things in a short schedule, considering we didn’t have any itinerary to being with. I don’t think we were still able to experience even half of what Medellin has to offer. Museums, walking tours, graffiti tours, coffee shops, food, festivals and much more.

Hostel El Alternativo

castle museum


Botero Plaza

Botero Plaza


Hacienda Restaurant

Bandeja paisa @ Hacienda

20 minute cable car ride gets you an amazing city view

What do you need on a sunny day. Jugos of course...

Gutape - from the base

Gutape - from the top

some people do take inspiring journeys

the town of gutape

Medellin Layout @Nutibara Museum

Colombia was a unique experience in terms of culture and history. We took the time of our long journey back home to absorb all the experiences that we’ve had in such a short period of time.

This is the fourth and final post in the series where my wife and I travelled in Colombia for a couple of weeks. The previous post was on Santa Marta.

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