Santa Marta, Colombia

Being a bit late on publishing this, I’m going to make it a picture blog with some trip notes interspersed. The main reason for us heading to Santa Marta was to get some hiking experience in the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges. We later figured out that the weather and other conditions weren’t right at the time for venturing out into the ranges. Luckily, we had a plan B, and Tyrona National Park offered similar getaway opportunities. The final decision came down to do a beach hike and overnight stay at Cabo San Juan beach. The only downside was that this is a popular destination for travellers who want to spend a few days at the beach because of which getting accommodation in one of the much sought after hammocks was an issue. We did miss out on getting the last hammock by 5 minutes so had to spend the night in one of the tents. I won’t venture into the details but a friendly advice for anyone who’s looking forward go there is: be on time to get a hammock or carry your own tent. After spending a couple of days in Tyrona, we still had a few extra days because of busted Sierra Nevada plan. We decided to do a tour of coffee plantation nearby, Victoria Coffee Farms, and later visit the small town of Palomino, which was a few hours drive north of Santa Marta.

Tyrona National Park

The "reception" at San Juan was amazing. Blue skies, warm weather and lush green forests

The beach

The "first-class" hammocks. We were way too late for these

The customary couple shot

the next morning was a bit overcast

'Can't believe I'm in Colombia' shot

One of the many beaches on our way back

Victoria Coffee Farms

Coffee saplings

Beans in different phases of processing

I'm in coffee heaven

Coffee with a view

my type of coffee bar

pit stop at a waterfall

taking a break from all the coffee drinking and waterfall swimming

oh, it was my birthday. Turning old while travelling does't feel that bad though


Dreamer hostel, Palomino

where river meets the ocean

balancing a camera on a tree trunk half submerged in water can be risky, don't try this at home

From Palomino, we returned to Santa Marta, partied for the night and headed boarded the flight next morning to our last stop in this amazing country, Medellin.

This is the third post in the series where my wife and I travelled in Colombia for a couple of weeks. The next post will be about our stay in Medellin. The previous post was on Cartagena.

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